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All-in-One Disposable Litter Box & Absorbant

Litter Box


An All-in-One Complete Cat Litter Box System

Available in Four Types of Absorbants


Convenient & Versatile Litter Box

Litter Box Complete is the most convenient and versatile litter box system ever created! It’s practical, clean, and disposable! Use it at the cottage, on vacation, in the RV, or anywhere you bring your cat. Available in four types of absorbents.
Litter Box Complete is proudly made in the USA.


Convenenience Kept in Mind


Variety of Uses

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The Cottage

Sunset Icon.png

On Vacation

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RV ICon.png

In the RV

Office Icon.png

At the Office

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Car Icon.png

In the Car

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Anywhere Else!

Litter Box Complete is trademarked and patent protected. All products are distributed by In A Box Brands, LLC. The absorbent in each box is not affiliated with Litter Box Complete and is supplied by third-party, absorbent providers.

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Litter Box Complete

Convenience and Ease of Use Kept in Mind

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Practical, Convenient & Sanitary

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Cost Effective, Clean & No Fuss

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7 - 10 Day Use and Disposes in 10 Seconds


What We Offer

Our Products

Lotter Box Green.png

Green - Non-clumping

Litter Box Com Organge.png

Orange - Natural

Litter Box Blue.png

Blue - Clumping 

Litterbox Complete Yellow.png

Yellow - Lightweight

All-in-one cat litter box system that includes 1 x Litter Box, 1 x Absorbent, 2 x Liners & 2 x Scoopers.


Our Collection

Our Gallery


What Our Happy Customers Say

Client Testimonials

Works like a charm! I love the ease of Litter Box Complete and highly recommend it for anyone with a cat.

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Sarah P.

My cat goes everywhere with me, so this system is a dream come true! Why didn't someone come up with this idea sooner?

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Eloise R.

Now we can travel to our lake house without the fuss of dragging the normal cat box. This is so easy to use and convenient.

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Mark R.

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